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Female Teenagers

Donna Pinciotti (born June 5, 1960) is a fictional character in the FOX sitcom, That '70s Show. Played by Laura Prepon, Donna is the longtime girlfriend of next-door neighbor Eric Forman. Donna resides in the fictional Wisconsin town of Point Place, where she lives with her parents, Midge and Bob Pinciotti. Early in the series, there is mention made of her younger sister, Tina, though she is only seen on screen once and not mentioned after the first season. An older sister, Valerie, was once referred to as being at college, but never mentioned again.An intelligent, witty, red/blonde-haired, athletic teenager with feminist ideals, Donna is outwardly confident and strong, sometimes to the point of coming across as arrogant or self-righteous, though usually laid back and easy going. She calls upon these personal qualities to deal with her personal issues, such as the shaky relationship of her father and mother, who conceived her while in high school.She has some difficulty expressing her feminine side, because she views traditional feminine traits as restraining and outdated. She dislikes skirts, makeup, and dresses, and insists on wearing jeans at all times, but she will dress nice for a special occasion and tried "being pretty" for her prom and for a trip to a nightclub, where the bouncer judged her "foxy". Jackie Burkhart repeatedly calls Donna a "lumberjack" due to her penchant for plaid shirts and her tall stature. Jackie once said of Donna, "She's nice and all, but she kinda dresses like a trucker." She also teases Donna for her gargantuan feet.

Jacqueline Beulah Burkhart (born August 27, 1961) is a fictional character from the Fox Network television series That '70s Show, created by Mark Brazill, Bonnie and Terry Turner. She is portrayed by Mila Kunis.ackie is introduced in the pilot episode primarily as Michael Kelso's shallow and self-absorbed girlfriend, however as the series progresses, her character is fleshed out and as a result, becomes more likable to both the audience as well as the other characters on the show. She likes to give advice which often sounds typically thoughtless and superficial, but turns out to be unnervingly correct (such as during "Battle of the Sexists" in season 1, when she tells Donna that Eric will never be her boyfriend if she doesn't let him win at things). Jackie also believes that she is the definition of perfection, and that Donna - and every other female - should try and be more like her. Though she begins as rich, spoiled, stupid, and irritating, over time she is more accepted by the rest of the gang. After her breakup with Kelso in Season 2, Jackie keeps hanging out in Eric's basement, a sign that her status has grown. These gradual changes make her character develop a defined character arc. In fact, as time goes by, she actually becomes somewhat of a likable character, and by the end of the series she is fully accepted by everyone. However, she still heavily keeps part of her valley girl persona intact and she still looks at herself as the perfection of what a woman should be.

Laurie Anne Forman (born July 11, 1958) is a fictional character on the FOX sitcom That '70s Show. Laurie is Eric Forman's manipulative older sister and despite having only a minor role on the show, she has a big impact on the family whenever she is present, as Eric's father Red spoils her and obviously favors her over Eric, often giving her money. Laurie is extremely promiscuous and is seen with different men, getting involved with her college psychology professor and then beginning a relationship with Kelso. During his relationship with Jackie, Kelso cheats with Laurie, and she is an object of fantasy for Fez. Sharp-tongued around Eric and sweet with her parents, her raunchiness often gives Kitty cause for concern, such as when she tried to seduce the local youth minister Pastor Dave (Kevin McDonald) after Kitty invites him over to try and get the kids interested in attending church services.Despite her disagreeable personality, she also showed off a maternal instinct. Laurie babysat for her mother's friend and got so attached to the baby that she refused to give it back; she only relented after Kitty threatened to submerge her beloved hair dryer in water. She also showed sympathy towards Eric when he was traumatized after seeing his parents "doing it".Laurie's most noticeable attribute is her distinctly Farrah Fawcett-style wavy blonde hair, which along with her innocent face belie her "vixen" status. Eric, Hyde and Donna often mock her promiscuity, and Eric several times refer to her as a "witch". Jackie hates her and usually refers to her as "slut," at one point getting into a cat-fight with her over Kelso.